HONORING THE LEGACY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING Exploring the meaning of Martin Luther King's legacy* through songs and stories with high school students. 281 KB
WHEN THE WORLD SAID "NO" TO WAR Reflections on the global uprising for peace on February 15, 2003 when over 10 million citizens on every continent (including Antarctica) mobilized in large cities (including Rome, Paris, London, New York City... ) and small towns (Hobart, Tasmania in Australia) to say NO to the impending invasion of Iraq scheduled to occur less than one month later. When asked about the outpouring of humanity George W. Bush told a report "I don't listen to 'focus groups.' " Over a decade later millions of lives have been destroyed and the war rages on. 48.7 KB
JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YOU – JOHN KERRY: WAR HERO OR WARRIOR FOR PEACE? Reflections on the courageous leadership of a young John Kerry whose anti-Vietnam War testimony contributed to ending the Vietnam War and the timidity of his failed attempt to cast himself as a military war "hero" during his failed Presidential campaign of 2004. Originally published by CommonDreams.org on July 29, 2004. 84.4 KB
CANCELLING THE CANCELLATION An account of a scheduled anti-war vigil in Flemington, NJ that was almost cancelled by the organizers. Determined to resist intimidation and preserve the right to peaceably assemble as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, the out-of-towners decided to cancel the cancellation. 47.7 KB
LOVE ONE ANOTHER . . . A PLEA FOR PEACE IN PLAINFIELD Sharleen and a sister peace activist visit Plainfield to march with community members and Steven Hatcher of the Peoples Organization Progress to plea for an end to gun violence for the sake of the children of the impoverished and under-served city. 243 KB