Folk Rock For The  99
passionate music for personal & planetary transformation


A folk song is what's wrong and how to fix it
Or it could be who's' hungry and where their mouth is
Or who's out of work and where the job is
Or who's broke and where the money is
Or who's carrying a gun and where the peace is

                                                                                                          –Woody Guthrie

Your songs really strike a chord… inspiring ... make me want to keep up the fight!  
Community Organizer

The Power of Music 

We women have a lot of work ahead of us . . . 

but let us not forget that, whatever our chosen endeavor 
on the frontiers of change, 
music is a force that augments all of our efforts. 
Whether we are grassroots organizers, candidates for office, 
or participating in civil disobedience . . . 
when we connect with the power of song, 
we may discover a renewed sense of power 
residing deep within  ourselves. 
Music expands our vision and our reach. 
When we sing we no longer feel alone. 
I don't pretend to fully…

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Calling All Artists 

Calling All Artists 

Surely we can find a better way to live in this world . . . 
Endless war and ravenous greed are symptoms of a disease. 
Through comedy, music, journalism, poetry, film, conversation, 
we can transcend boundaries . . . 
we can fly over and through the lies and insanity . . . 
we can help ourselves and others see beyond these cages . . . 
we can show the way to recreate another reality . . . 
the way to peace. 


"Oh the winds are laughing... they laugh with all their might!" 

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