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On the eve of International Woman's Day, four gifted women artists of heart pay tribute to generations of women activists through a stimulating repertoire of original and classic folk music. Accompanying themselves on guitar and banjo, singer-songwriters Sharleen Leahey, Lindsey Wilson, Pat Lamanna and Carolann Sobello will lift their voices to weave dramatic stories of struggle and triumph through the magic and power of song.

Special guest artists: Diane Doolittle – flute / saxophonr Linda Phillips – djembe Robin Burdulis – percussion

Admission: Suggested $20.– sliding scale (more if / less if not). No one turned away.


Songs and Stories to celebrate the Centennial of Woman's Suffrage.

Accompanying themselves on guitar and banjo New York City natives Pat Lamanna and Sharleen Leahey sing classic, contemporary and original songs to celebrate the Centennial of Woman's Suffrage. Among the activists the two women folksingers honor in their show are legendary Abolitionists and Suffragists Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. The show also includes contemporary compositions by singer-songwriters Ruth Pelham, Peggy Eyres and Bev Grant.

The Herstorians are also songwriters who often share their own compositions. During the Woman's Suffrage Service Sharleen will perform her original, "The Woman's Suffrage Song" which chronicles the 72-year long struggle waged by several generations of women activists including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul.